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17/07/2002 10:34am
Still waiting for it, news said sometime during weekend (just a humble reminder, nothing more).

- Will it work in the preview window aswell?
- Speed, is it really fast?
- I'm hooked on my daily comics newsletter, will it render it properly?

That's it, thanks.
18/07/2002 11:15am
Yup anxiously waiting for that plugin, should make scribe the only email proggy i use! I suppose its like the html control in Mail warrior, which cant render images either.
18/07/2002 8:12pm
No it will get image support, but only inline images that have been attached to the email and referenced by a cid: in the html.

I don't want to support fetching images over the internet because people can use that in spam mail to work out which email addresses are real.

So for the most part the it'll be a fairly simple affair supporting a selected number of tags and ingoring the rest. Some styles are supported as well. There is basic table support, but it won't handle lots of wrapping in the cells.

This weekend is the first opportunity I'll have to do a build and upload it to the site. Stay tuned.
21/07/2002 3:11pm
HTML support works well.. superb work, thanks!
are you planning on adding self-configuration hotkey files? maybe a hotkey.ini file where one can edit all the hotkeys etc?
21/07/2002 8:28pm
Thank you.

Oh yeah, sounds like a good idea. The menu hot keys are kinda editable, as you can go into the file and edit the key binding and it will detect the change and use it. But not all the hotkeys are in that file.
Michael Crocker
29/07/2002 3:45pm
you may already know this, but title tags aren't working

a title

shows as
a title/h1>
Michael Crocker
29/07/2002 3:48pm
(oops, no slash)
shows as
a titleh1>
25/08/2002 12:44pm
In the manual of iscribe, there is a link to
a plugin:

But the link doesn't work!

Could anyone say me where to download that file?


25/08/2002 8:20pm
The link needs to changed to