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14/07/2002 8:58am
Is it only me who have a problem with copying some text from a mail to another Win32 applikation ?

14/07/2002 9:15am
Works for me.

What application are you using?

What OS/version?
14/07/2002 9:27am
Danish ME and i.scribe 1.68beta8

I got the problem with any program (Notepad, Word, Metapad, HTML ...) I can mark some text in a mail and rightclik the text and choose "COPY" but nothing happens to the clipboard and that gives the result that "PASTE" is outgrey in other programs.

I can COPY/PASTE between other programs without any problem.

14/07/2002 11:46pm
It might be related to Win9x/ME's [lack of] unicode support. I'll try it out tonight on my Win98 install.
15/07/2002 5:02am
Thank's, I need this function a lot so it will be nice if you can fix it.
16/07/2002 4:44am
Just triede 1.63 and it works perfectly with copy/paste ?!
16/07/2002 8:19pm
1.63 is the old codepage+8bit control which didn't use unicode and didn't support things like japanese. The new editor is unicode based and thus the clipboard access functions had to change.

The support for international characters can coexist with working clipboard code, I just havn't been able to reproduce the problem yet. But I'm not giving up, I'll fix it soon.