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07/07/2005 1:22pm
It's not easy using paypal without credit card or U.S. bank account.

I realize a creditcard is allmost indispencible when buying anything online, but i have never wanted to pay for anything online. You can get almost everything for free if you search long enough (even InScribe). And being only a poor student, the word "free" has an allmost magical effect.
However I decided InScribe was the first thing worth paying for, through a combination of great programming and "near real time" support and comment in the manner of this website.

So when I get the hang of PayPal, some of my money is going "down under".

(any chance of a student discount?)
07/07/2005 1:27pm
And now hoping fret doesn't come with v2.0 too soon.
Then I would have to convince myself all over again.
07/07/2005 2:00pm
Because I have a non US bank account, I have to pay PayPal in advance to increase my PayPal funds.
Not a huge problem if you're not in a rush, however...
I can only deposit euro's.
I have to pay fret in US dollars, so there is an exchange rate, and if you read further, a PayPal fee for multiple currency payments.
To be on the safe side i have to transfer a little more, because the transfer takes some day's and the exchage rates may have canged. Whatever is left is left hanging around because a transfer back to my bank account costs 1 euro.

(get over it and PAY!
Ok, I will)
08/07/2005 12:29am
I think you can pay an exact amount in a foreign currency according to the current exchange rate. So you don't have to worry about fluctuations in the exchange rate.

As for v2, even if it came out tomorrow it would not be as good as v1 is for at least the first 6 months. So it wouldn't matter that much if you bought v1 your not missing out on anything. v2 is going to spend a lot of time getting to production stability and everyone will know about the alpha/beta program for months before hand.
12/07/2005 7:32am
well, the exchange rates did change, luckely in my favour. So now i have 19 (euro)cents to spend on eBay :)