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09/07/2002 4:45am
Don't get me wrong, this isn't a criticism, but why are you bothering to port SCribe to Linux, sure it's a nice email proggie, but Linux is over run by quality email programs

Evolution, Kmail, Pine, Mozilla, etc etc etc

So I was just wondering why you were adding another mail program in an already overcrowded arena?

(not to mention that the more time you work on Linux version, the less time you have to update Win32 version)

- and Windows (IMO) desperately needs a decent mail client (with calendaring/groupware) to compete with ˇutlook!
09/07/2002 7:28pm
Because I want to use Linux, and well I want to use my own client in Linux. It's not a business decision, simply a personal one.
10/07/2002 8:10am
Sure Evolution, KMail etc is good but I began using i.Scribe on BeOS, then I went over to Windows when BeOS was discontinued, and now I've begun converting as much of my work time as possible into Linux (cause I disslike the direction microsoft is going in) and STILL being able to use the same folder file after 3 OS switches would be a godsent gift, that none of the other clients you mention can do (even though they when used solely are nice).

However if it slows down development, I'll satisfy with send/recieve functionality for the Linux port, although it would be nice to have the calendar etc aswell.
11/07/2002 12:33pm
Yes, and iscribe is a very light proggy...and have the very cool preview function (if someone now a light linux mail client with preview...)
But WHERE is the linux version ? I can't find it, I only seen screenshot :(

11/07/2002 7:58pm
The linux version is still in development. Currently I'm having problems getting the threading to work, it keeps crashing and the debugger under Linux doesn't do threads very well. Anyway as soon as it can send and receive mail I'll post a binary on the site.
17/07/2002 6:50am
fair enough then.

can't argue with any of those :)

24/08/2002 10:16pm

i think your email app is sweet! i too tried
it once on Be and on Windows but have been
a Sole Linux Desktop person for the last 4.5 years
and have been anxiously awaiting you to release it!
25/08/2002 2:46am
I'm working on it every few days.

Valgrind is my friend.