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Author/Date Poll: Whats the most important upcoming feature for <a href='/scribe.php'>Scribe</a>?
02/07/2002 4:37am
Discuss the poll...
02/07/2002 4:37am
Wah... I fixed the 'discuss' link.
04/07/2002 8:26am
I rewrote the poll to not allow ballot stuffing, at least at a simplistic level.

So I've reset the count and we can try again. Sorry for the hassle.
05/07/2002 11:45am
I was soo tempted to abuse it to get the Linux port seem really wanted =) But I didn't... promise...

Anyways, some short comments on poll stuff :

x. Multibyte charset support.
-. Huh? Sounds neat though (have no idea what it means).

x. Native HTML read/write.
-. Oh yes please, pleease! Native would mean no external IE etc right? Excellent...

x. Linux port.
-. I'll have one of these please, number one "I Want" on my list.

x. Shared calendaring
-. Okay... don't need it currently but can see me using it in the future.

x. Fix.
-. Nah, personally the few "bugs" I come across, are more like unwanted features, can't complain at all.
07/07/2002 11:18pm
Multibyte charset support gets us things like pervasive Japanese / Chinese support through out the UI. It's getting there but it really means going to Utf-8 through out LGI. It's deceptively difficult, in that I can flick a switch and everything is Utf-8, but I know it's going to uncover a million little bugs, where I have assumed 1 byte = 1 char and places where I interface with the OS.

Html support is comming along. I have a read/only control that renders b, i, u, p, br, ul, li, table, tr, td and font tags. Which is a workable subset of html. However it's text flow isn't right yet, although it's close. Oh yeah the html control is already in unicode, so no problems porting there. I'm not entirely sure that the way I've implemented the control is going to work. But with something so complex I just have to start somewhere and rewrite it till I get the design right.

Unfortunately I havn't even booted into Linux in the last 3 weeks, mainly because I've been working on the HTML control. So no progress there yet. I'm kinda stuck anyway with the whole pthreads thing. They aren't as simple as Win32 threads, they don't work out of the box.

27/11/2002 5:09am
Linux support, a tab (like the text tab) for non-IE html, and SSL support are most important to me.

Some nice to haves:

* Ability to preview my IMAP folders on the server like you can currently do with POP. I have server-side filtering (due to SpamAssassin) of SPAM into a junkmail folder. Right now I have to periodically login to the web to review it.

* Periodic backup of the mailbox.

* I haven't found any way to import/export contacts (say as a CSV file) with other email systems.

27/11/2002 6:06am
Linux support? Have you read the front page lately? There is an alpha out, and I'll be updating the Linux version every month or so.

A full online Imap implementation is due in v2.00 (Jan next year?)

Contacts can be exported in the universal "vCard" format by dragging them onto an explorer window (or the desktop).

Mailbox utils will come in time, a periodic "compact" is on the todo list too.
16/12/2002 4:51am
Eric: There is now an SSL plugin... :)