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26/06/2002 5:39pm
im having this problem where when i start up i scribe some of my inbox messages turn blank no address no subject no body same with items in my sent items now from what i understand this is from the folder file being corrupted and i cant seem to use the repair folders option but i can use the compact folders and if finds the problem but cant restore the messages but then after i get a few more e-mails and restart iscribe it does it again iv tried all the betas an went back to the last release version but its still not working.

any help or insight would be great

26/06/2002 5:48pm
also i should mention my crash log was full of this

Unhandled Exception
Code: c0000005

Call stack:
26/06/2002 8:09pm
Tonight I'll post a new beta with debug files so that the crash data will contain proper file+line numbers. You will have to grab the Zip and the Debug files if you want to persue this furthur.