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Author/Date Field Width
22/06/2002 2:29pm
Hi Matthew,

click inbox or outbox button with right mouse (Scribe, 1.68), click on "Properties", a new window "Folder Properties" appears, click tab "Fields". I noticed the terms "Field" and "Width". How can I customize the "Field Width" for the different fields(to, from, date sent, etc.)? I tried by clicking the button "Standard", well, it was pretty standard with 100 for all fields.

Thank you for your help and assistance

22/06/2002 4:48pm
You can customize the Fields' Widths straight in the main list view. Just drag the field border in the headline on the top of the list according to your preferences. What you set there is permanent (not lost on app exit).
22/06/2002 9:10pm
One thing that might initially fool you is that when you move your cursor over the field dividing line, the cursor *does not* change into the 'drag to resize' symbol (as you might be used to in Windows). So you will have to place the arrow on the column line, click and hold while dragging and the field column will expand/contract for you.

23/06/2002 7:23am
Thanks ! Easy going, and I learned to find *descendir*