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16/06/2002 4:54pm
Hi ...

Just wondering if I could make a group in i.scribe, you know ... all my Bowling friends in one group and all my Golf frinds in another group, it will make it a lot more easy when I shall write a mail to 25 Golf guy's and I don't have to pinpoint all 25 every time!

16/06/2002 8:33pm
Yeah you can by making a subfolder off Contacts (that stores contacts) and then moving or copying the contacts into that new folder, then you can send mail to all of the contacts in a folder by right clicking on the folder and go "Email ". It opens a new email with all the contacts in the recipients list.

I know it's a bit primitive but it's a 500K mailer... :)
17/06/2002 2:03pm
Thank's and I don't think it's primitiv, it's just great :)

By the way, what is the folder TEMPLATES for ?
17/06/2002 6:34pm
You can stick common emails in there and create new email with that initial content from the mail menu...
18/06/2002 7:22am
I was following the discussion regarding contact groups and I wonder about the way to forward a message to a group... could be this possible ?A little bit hard: could be possible to send (or forward) a message to more groups by selecting them (not all groups under contacts but only some of them) ?
Many thanks in advance!
Best regards

18/06/2002 7:59pm
So far I havn't implemented forwarding and replying to groups.