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09/02/2005 3:11pm
I've tried 0.2 binary version of i.file and I like ir a lot. Now I want to compile Lgi. I've compiled hundreds of applications but I don't know how it this time. The only info i got from the readme is: "Use the various makefiles in the example applications as a template". there's no configure and typing just "make" gives alot of errors.

Can you help me?

BTW, is i.file 0.2 the last linux version?

16/02/2005 5:24am
I think it doesn't compile on newer systems. Something about the compiler or headers changed. I have Fedora at home and it doesn't compile there, but on RH9 at work it compiles fine.

I know I need to update it. v2.0 is the most recent.