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01/02/2005 2:59am
izzit a custom cms by u or an open source cms?
It looks nice.
01/02/2005 3:18am
Custom. I wrote it myself in PHP. It's pretty poky behind the scenes, I'm not that great at web coding. I know a smattering of CSS and HTML, enough to get by and I used my 133t C skills on the PHP. It's close enough.

I didn't know about CMS's when I started the site. One of my good friends has a really nice CMS in ASP (payware I think) that I should've used. Oh well. Although the fact it's in ASP makes it less appealing though. When it comes to web serving I'm so firmly Apache/PHP it's almost a religion.
Carlos Rocha
09/02/2005 6:57am
You can take a look at