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15/06/2002 5:10pm
First of all I'd like to congratulate great program. Scribe is great.
Now specific issue:
I try to protect iScribe by password. I set password and everything is fine but not at all. I go to Options again and do nothing (just click on tabs or completly nothing) and after click 'Ok'. Close program and run agin....and Scribe doesn't ask me about password!
It the same with the passowrd for mail account.
...and about commercial version:
How looks managment of accounts. I mean it looks like in the OE (all mail accounts have common folders - Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items, Trash) or like in The BAT each account has own folders?

15/06/2002 8:25pm
Hi Absalon.

You ask a lot of questions. About one thing you're right: Scribe is GREAT. And when using InSribe: Inscribe has a fancy filter-system, so you can give every account its own folder or folders and via filtering you can direct every message to its own folder.
So there, I hope I answered at least part of your question.

By the way: your emailaddress is polish, so if your Polish: Scribe does not have a Polish translation...
Do widzenia!
16/06/2002 3:55am
I am working on Polish translation, but I am not yet satisfied with the results.

16/06/2002 9:04am
For security reasons the password isn't displayed in the edit control, however it's still stored in the applications memory. To set it to something else just type it in.
16/06/2002 3:59pm
to fReT:
Yes I know that password isn't displayed... but I think about something diffrent...I set password and protect program. I closed program and run it again...iScribe ask me about password (that's all right). But now I go to Options again and do something diffrent (e.g change default font for editor) click 'Ok' and close program. When I start iScribe again he doesnt ask me about password....
That is what I mean...If you protect program by password eariler and change something in Options and accept it by click OK button, password disappear...

to Bardo:
I read about commercial vesrion (and I still think about purchase InScribe) about filter-system I read too.... but for example if I don't use any filters and I got two accounts, so incoming messages (for both accounts) go to common Inbox (by default)like in OE ?

you're Duchman ... I know only a few technical words because I work in Duch firm ...we use English language to communicate so sorry I dont know how is to 'See you' or 'Goodbye' in Duch language :-)

About transtlation - it looks like that somoeone else from Poland is starting translate (look Szym's message)... but I can try ...

see you
16/06/2002 8:31pm
Ok I'll check the password feature tonight. It might be broken.

As for multiple accounts. You can send mail from different accounts to different folders, however a "folder" in Scribe is not the same as a folder in OE because all Scribe's mail and contact information is stored in the same file, so while you can redirect mail to a separate folder its still in the same .mail2 file. Whereas in OE each folder is a separate file and that brings with it it's own host of problems.
17/06/2002 11:56am
to fReT
about folders structure in commmercial version once again...
sometimes is hard to explain :) so maybe can you look at
...and all should be clear

thanks for all explanations
17/06/2002 7:54pm
InScribe uses common folders for all mail operations.
18/06/2002 5:15pm
it's a good news... I prefer it and I'll be think about purchase your program...