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Author/Date How to use menu "filters"
13/06/2002 3:33pm
I'm a new user to Scribe. and don't appear the Filters Menu, trefore in the lgi resources editor appear this menu.
What happens?
13/06/2002 6:33pm
Because it's part of the commercial version it gets hidden at runtime in the free version. Even if it wasn't hidden it wouldn't work because the code for it isn't compiled in to the free version.
14/06/2002 9:32am
Sorry, then I don't continued use this program, because, otrher freeware has the Filter Menú aviable to the free users.

When you permit free access to thid menú I'll stay very happy.

your email client is beautiful and useful

see you later, aligator
14/06/2002 4:32pm
Outlook Express is free (with filters) so try that instead... sure it takes 5 minutes to start it up, it's bloated with builtin newsreader, have lots of security exploits, perform loads of unecessary activity on your mailserver and exclusively force you to run Windows, but hey... it's free.

The 20$ this piece of software cost (to get all the extra goodies, such as filtering) are well worth it if you extensively use filtering, or multiple POP accounts.
14/06/2002 6:12pm

I agree completely...