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11/06/2002 5:25pm
The highly anticipated Linux version, what is the progress? I've almost entirely managed to switch over to Linux, even tried KMail there for awhile, but as usual I quickly changed back to i.Scribe, which force me to boot into XP more then I really want to.

And, will it be available as some for of easily installed RPM for us challenged/lazy/stupid Linux users?
11/06/2002 11:05pm
It will initially be available as a zip, like the windows version. Just unzip somewhere and run.

As for progress I havn't had much time lately because a) I've been fixing the codepage stuff for the win32 version and b) I've started full time work again so I have no time...

The whole installing Gentoo took time out of the schedule for a linux release, but it had to happen. Mandrake is slow and broken. But it's all back on track. As soon as the threading is sorted out I'll post an alpha. At the moment it crashes all the time when you do anything with threads.
Michiel van Es
12/06/2002 5:53am
Why not an Suse or Red hat install?
Easy and fully functional!

12/06/2002 3:59pm
I think the simple .zip and run sounds good, i'll anxiously be keeping an eye out for it.

Some questions regarding the i.Scribe for Linux :

1. Will there be HTML view, and if yes, how?
2. Will toolbar graphic format stay the same, so I can use "skins" back and forth between OS's?
3. The .XML signature format... how will that work under Linux? I would hate to loose my witty random quote in my signature.
4. Will it be equally fast? (or dare I dream... faster?)
12/06/2002 6:20pm

1. Low priority, probably start a default browser window with a file name.
2. Toolbar format exactly the same... same files even.
3. XML signature stays the same.
4. It'll be reasonable. I know at the start there will be some issues with the XLib command buffer getting too full and updates lagging. But thats only my lack of knowledge and XLib's lameness. Other programs work around it so I'm sure I can too. Also thats only for full drag resizing of a window, which you don't do all the time.
30/06/2002 5:06pm
Sorry, can't help myself =)

Just reeeally eager to get my hands on this linux port.
06/06/2004 8:10am

im with these guys, i was lookin for a nice small email app for my usb flash drive but then i liked i.scribe so much i looked for the linux version so i could have email access on an work station i come across. well i to need an rpm for my core 2 because i tried to run the ./run-scribe script and it fails. im not good enuff to tell why but i did copy the *.so to my /usr/lib dir and try to run scribe but it fails.

my point, please provide an rpms for us newbees
we arent dumb, we are just late to the party and need help finding the beer
06/06/2004 8:16am
Andrew: There is a bug in the most recent public release. However I think I've fixed the problem in the developement build. I just need to release it.