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Author/Date Poll: Should email deleted from the "sent items" be:
07/06/2002 10:39am
Discuss the poll...
07/06/2002 8:55pm
The current behaviour is deleting permanently.
12/06/2002 7:10pm
Whats the chance that there are just 2 people voting here?

How about we log comments to indicate separate votes. I don't think the poll is going to tell us any information.
12/06/2002 7:15pm
Agree... And I only voted once... But is it really that important?
21/06/2002 3:08am
Hmm... i think theres no need to be disappointed. I regularly visit this website but certainly there are still other things in life to do so i dont see all the new topics right from the beginning. But apart from that, i dont understand the "intense" disussion about the topic. As far as the other threads in the forum show, more users kind of wonder, why the items are permanently deleted. And i dont think it would cost you much programming time to make scribe behave "in a proper logical way"?! *FG* If you still want to keep the "feature", why not just set up a check-box in the option-dialogue and leave the decision to the user?
27/06/2002 11:13pm
I'm going to change it back to "moves to trash". Seems the most logical way of doing it.

However before you start complaining:

  • I can't please everyone.
  • It's more logical.
  • I'm going to put in some options to 'auto-empty' the sent and trash folders (some day).