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Author/Date A floating palette widget ?
09/12/2004 9:06am
Ideally, the toolbar widget should offer the possibility to be able to be moved around, snapping to the borders of a window, or transform itself into a resizable floating palette if wanted. Like in Photoshop or in some CAD programs for example.
I guess it's not that simple, but it would be a great addition to the toolbar widget.

That would actually make TWO classes : an improvement of the Gtoolbar class, and a GPalette class, which would actually be a window which could contain any other widget, the goal being the possibility to build a palette with buttons and other things like a color palette or tabs for example (say one tab for the tools, one tab for the color palette).

As a bonus, the buttons in the palette actually could act a bit like menus : a little triangle on the icon of the button indicates that it hides a menu of buttons with similar functions. For instance, in a CAD program, the "circle" button actually is a menu with a button to draw a circle given its diameter, another one to draw given its center and its radius, another one to draw the circle with 3 points on the circle, etc.
This would the floating palette a very powerful tool.