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05/06/2002 4:46am
Helo Mr. Allen. Are you able to recompile these aplications, so they can be executed on Windows NT 4? I get only "... SHGetSpecialFolderPathA entry point not found in SHELL32.dll... " error message :-( Thank you.
05/06/2002 6:11am
Thats function comes with a recent version of Shell32.dll, which you would get by installing IE4 or later.

I do actually need to call that function.

I've put a LoadLibrary fail point around the call so that the app will load. But you'll get reduced functionality where that call is used.

Ideally you should update your dll.
05/06/2002 7:19am
Hmm, I have MS Windows NT 4 SP5 and MSIE 5.00.2314.1003 (come with MS Office 2000?) both in Czech version. Before I write my previous forum message I try to copy shell32.dll from Win2000 to scribe "home" directory, which of course do not work :-). I also try to copy dll from W2000 to NT system directory (and yes, I know this is not very good idea). This of course do not work too - shell32.dll file is locked by system :-) (I have admin rights on my NT system)...
05/06/2002 2:36pm
Hi Standa (and others too, if necessary)

Maybe it will help you to visit the following link:
Just download dll's, instead of updating Megabytes of programs.
Good luck!
05/06/2002 7:00pm
You wouldn't have needed to update your DLL. v5 of IE would have done that already.