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Author/Date Override 'default send account' / multiple identities
31/05/2002 2:32pm
As far as i did figure out, inScribe is sending outgoing eMails always using the default-send-account from the option-settings. This makes using multiple identities quite uncomfortable. Even if one chooses another identity from the menu, inScribe always takes the option-settings. The best way in my opinion would be to have the choice between the different "from-settings" in the eMail-Window which is integrated already but not properly as it also just changes the outgoing eMail-adress and NOT the SMTP-server. BTW: is there any possibility to have the "from" field in the mail compositing window "unfolded" right from the beginning?
31/05/2002 11:06pm
All this functionality is behaving as designed.

However you have some valid points. I'm not convinced that either way is right though. I'll have to think about it and come up with a complete solution that satifies all the possibilities. Why do you want it to behave this way?

Also with regard to setting the from pane open when creating mail, there isn't a way currently to do that. However most other apps don't allow you to show that information by default either. So it's not unusual.
01/06/2002 1:51pm
Hmm... well my aim was not to compare Scribe with other applications but just to express my "wishes". Things just dont have to be good, only because no other does them, you know. ;-)) If one has different mail-Accounts ('identities' always sounds a bit strange to me) most of the mail-servers here in germany only permit sending outgoing eMail with the "valid from-adress". That means, its not allowed to send mails via the SMTP-Server from provider "A" with the mail-adress from provider "B" in the "from"-field. So in my opinion, the only thing that has to be done is to "connect" the send-account to the from-adress that one chooses in the mail-compositing-window. Not really that difficult to understand, isnt it? ;-))
Richard Polhill
06/06/2002 5:56pm
A good example:-

many ISPs such as freeserve and vispa here in the UK assign your email address as a virtual subdomain, allowing you to use any valid part of the email address in front of the '@'.

My address above is a case in point. You can send mail to anything you like at and it'll end up in the same mailbox.

Wonderful for filtering mail as you can assign a different email address to every list you subscribe to and can see who is selling your address, etc...

This does mean you may want to edit the outgoing FROM: header on every mail; I know I do. Would be great to have the FROM: box editable on all outgoing mails regardless of 'identity' or account. Even better, a user configurable drop-down box of email addresses you may use for outgoing mail...

06/06/2002 7:37pm
Well you could set up a bunch of identities in InScribe and they would show up in the menu. But you'd probably want to set the SMTP up on those accounts for when the program starts using the SMTP associated with the selected from identity.

Also I could add a "custom" option to the from drop down for entering free form identity information. Obviously in this case the message would be sent over the default SMTP service as it has no "account" information associated with the from address. I think thats fair and reasonable.

I do intend to make the program use the SMTP account associated with the 'from' identity of each mail, you guys won me over to your side of the argument. Still implementation wise it's going mean sorting the outgoing mail into each outgoing server and connecting to each in turn and sending the information. Another level of complexity on sending. So it'll take time getting it right. But hey Scribe is a 'work in progress'.