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Author/Date Close all messages before closing Scribe
Steven Hall
29/05/2002 5:08pm
Very weird occurance. For the first time ever, I tried exeiting while a message window was still open. Scribe closed down but the mail message didn't and that message couldn't be closed.
29/05/2002 6:07pm
check it out, if it is a 'reconstruable' situation (try to do it again). I've just made some tests - no results.
Such bugs are the worst, ain't they?

In previous releases i.Scribe behaved even more 'inappropriate'. The message window not only did stay loaded, but it flickered like it was in continous loop trying to close itself and yet refusing to do so. If you have experienced the same then you'll know what I'm talkin' about.
Steven Hall
30/05/2002 4:14am
I do get the flicker problem.

I have had this happen with iScribe v1.67 on Windows XP and 2000.
30/05/2002 4:58pm
yup, working on the same thing. But I've also got i on W'98.

freT: I'm currently trying to isolate a bug. It's about the Account Preview window again. I have a very busy POP server lately, and the results are as follow:
1. user starting Preview
2. Scribe trying to connect
3. user trying to cancel with Cancel button - no results.
(when used Close Connection from Status - everything closed fine)
4. user closing the app
5. main window closed, preview stays open
6. user trying to close the Preview (cancel, alt f4, close button) TWICE.
7. runtime error r6025 (pure virtual function call)

What's very interesting is that without the trial to cancel the Preview, after closing the main window the rest is killed as well. The RT Error shows up only after clickin the Cancel button.
30/05/2002 10:50pm
Ok I can work with that. It's a good description. If you don't mind I might take some time getting around to this as I've got a fair bit of work to do on the charset / codepage stuff and the linux port.

But I will come back to this in a coupla weeks.