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George Davison
10/09/2004 10:18pm
I think that to be able to search through the subject line of postings would be a useful feature.

When I want to report a bug or request a feature on the forum, I always worry that someone has already posted something along the same lines. I, however, don't get the chance to sit down and go through all the messages to make sure that I am not simply repeating someone else's post.

Just a thought.



P.S. I hope that there has not already been a huge discussion about this in the forum already...oh, imagine the irony.

23/09/2004 11:37am
I was just looking around for the search button myself... and then realised I had to write it in and suddenly sighed a sad little sigh.

I have all sorts of wheels... personally invented by me myself and I.

Would you like one?

23/09/2004 11:52am
Hey look at that... 15 minutes to write a search function for the forums... not bad... not bad at all.