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30/06/2004 8:06am
As a developer i like speed, therfore i use iFtp, but one thing that buggs me is that i also need "file explorer" open. There should be a option to open the files when you click them in iFtp. This way you only need one program open.

Great Prog...
30/06/2004 8:44am
So "execute file" doesn't open something in an editor?

Can't you change your associations so it does?
03/07/2004 3:08pm
Yup thats true. Sorry if i was not more specific. I mean the option to set "action" when double cliking files.
Adrian Bell
18/03/2006 4:11pm
There is an option for double click to Open or Transfer the file but it doesn't work? Whatever option is chosen, it just transfers the file.