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30/04/2004 6:00pm
I though I encountered a bug with the palette size, but I must have been dreaming.
setting to anything crazy (65535) , illegal operation.
(could not reproduce, unfortunately)

--- "Show as tile" on the right side. so when desinging something as funky as a grass or brick tile, you can see the result.
--- zoom in/out the right side.
--- vertical scroll bar in the tools side. (I'm just using the pen and color palette, so maybe a way of swapping them because when the window is resized, it hides the palette first and keeps the tools at the top)

great program!
Jonatan Ring
07/06/2004 9:02am
I am using iMage to create images for Java games and hence I agree that it would be very useful if you could show images tiled (Currently I use an HTML document. The background tiles automaticly).