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28/04/2004 6:39am
I have noticed that v1.99 docs are up. How about the sources?

Have the patches from Nuno Lucas been patched in yet?

The resources files in LgiRes are missing in the current release.
Need any help?

Mucho gracias,
28/04/2004 7:41am
Actually those docs are out of date already because I've written a lot more API documentation since then.

I'm basically waiting till I fix this 100% cpu bug in Scribe. Because that may effect Lgi if the problem is in Lgi rather than Scribe.

Nuno Lucas's edits have been applied. And I'll check the LgiRes resource situation before I upload the next release.

I'm pretty happy about how things are going with Lgi, so I could make the release anytime I guess. I think the think I need most is good feedback about the API itself. i.e. People writing applications that use the API, so I know if it work for others as well as myself.
30/04/2004 3:45am
Please hurry...;-)

I am writing encryption software for use in PKI-based applications.

06/05/2004 11:35pm
New version of Lgi is online now.
10/05/2004 10:51pm
Thank you very much. ;-)