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Author/Date Version information on the startpage
Gino Damen
31/03/2004 1:44am

The website looks clean and crispy, but currently it isn't clear when which program is updated. This means you have to go to each individual program page to look for changes.

Is it possible to ad an "updated" note behind each program? The current version/revision number would even be better. That way each vistor can see in a blink of the eye if his beloved program(s) is (are) updated, instead of going to the subpages and generate the often unnecessary traffic.

Gino (an InScribe, i.FTP and i.Mage user)
31/03/2004 2:10am
I'm going to put together an email newsletter that people can subscribe to that gets sent out with every new release. With the option of watching certain programs for new releases.

So hopefully that should mean that people don't have to come to the website to check for new versions.
01/04/2004 12:51am
The accounts section I mentioned is now online.
Gino Damen
01/04/2004 2:47am

Good idea but the accountsection doesn't retain most of the account settings. For example the selections for InScribe and i.Scribe won't stick.

01/04/2004 4:04am
Should be ok now... I think I've fixed that.
Gino Damen
02/04/2004 1:44am
It works indeed