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Author/Date Error in import/export
24/03/2004 4:41am
I'm real in troubles in exporting the scribe mail to my new PC (into scribe, that I really like!). The import procedure (Unix MBOX, vers. 1.86, but also 1.87) after 20/30 messages puts the same time (today time) to all entries and also sometimes attaches a part of the encoding to the object.
Is it a problem of the mail2 folder or a bug? In the first case may I recover the folder?
Thank you: scribe is the only free mail client I know (I tried almost 30 clients!) except Outlook (brrr....) able to save complete messages into files via drag&drop! It's a perfect candidate for inclusion into workflow suites (ever thougt?).

24/03/2004 6:22pm
It's probably a bug in the MBOX import. I'll need to see the source MBOX your using and run it through under the debugger.