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22/03/2004 8:02pm
I'm trying out the free version but want to upgrade to the paid version (I have multiple accounts). However, using the lastest version, I lose messages from one account. I will email myself and check the pop3 server and it will show 5 messages. However when I retrieve the mail in i.scribe only shows 2 or 3 emails. I even look at the status and it will show that 5 messages are downloaded. The stable version works fine. I should mention that this only happens on 1 account. The other 3 accounts work fine. The problem is, that the account that doesn't work is my main account. Anybody else have this problem?
22/03/2004 8:11pm
Have you enabled the bayesian spam filter?
22/03/2004 8:27pm
Yes i have. In fact, i was using the stable version, but the bayesian filter wasn't working on that. The bayesion filter works fine on the latest version, but I'm still dropping messages. I just check it a few minutes ago. I telneted to my mail server and had 7 messages. I retrieved them using i.scribe and only see 4 of them. The filter picked up 2 spam, but 2 messages from myself (using 2 different accounts) and an email from yahoo breaking news didn't show. Im using XP with the latest server packs, if that helps any.

22/03/2004 8:35pm
I turned off the bayesion filters and sent myself some email to try. It still doesn't show the messages. The log shows that it's downloaded, but cannot find the email anywhere in any folder.
22/03/2004 8:54pm
Do you have any filters configured?

(You can temporarily switch filters off by moving them to another filter folder)
22/03/2004 8:55pm
By the way, exactly which version are you using?
23/03/2004 6:36am
verion: 1.87 test 8
I haven't configured any filters at all.
23/03/2004 6:15pm
I think this is a new bug and I'm seeing it at this end too. This is pretty bad for an email client to silently drop messages so it has my full attention and I'll post a new version as soon as it's fixed.
23/03/2004 6:21pm
Thanks for the update!
24/03/2004 10:00pm
Ok, I've found+fixed whats causing this bug on my machine but it's only relevant to the PopOverHttp protocol, NOT Pop3. So it's not going to help you any.

I have received the same report from another user so I'm still chasing this one.

Mostly likely something in the rewrite of the receive code I did for the last version is stuffed. Don't worry I WILL get to the bottom of this sooner or later.