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Author/Date Plans to update the HTML renderer?
21/03/2004 9:16pm
Any plans to improve the default HTML view? I find it quite slow at rendering (slows down Scribe) and it doesn't render modern HTML very well. Emails don't seem to render correctly.

22/03/2004 8:40pm
Agreed... I think this part of InScribe needs to be improved a bit more. It's not expected to render perfect, but a bit closer would be good.
22/03/2004 8:54pm
It was never designed to render complex webpages sent as email. Just human edited text with a little style, colour and so on.

Advertising is generally too much for it.

In any case, you can always right click "copy source" and send it to me if you'd like me to take a look at a specific email that breaks the control. I've fixed bugs in it for users before and I'll do it again.

Although I will add that better table support is not something I want to work on right now.
24/03/2004 8:00pm
It's a shame you can't plugin in a non-MS HTML renderer.
24/03/2004 8:46pm
I've tried playing with a Mozilla plugin... but couldn't get it to work. Something worth looking at someday.

However it's only "better" than IE, it wouldn't be perfect.
25/03/2004 9:02am
What about hooking up with the people doing the K-Meleon browser? It's based on Mozilla and appears to have reduced the amount of code or tools needed to render HTML.

Just a thought...
Brian R.
28/03/2004 10:43pm
Another possibility for rendering HTML; the "OffByOne" browser.
This thing is a small, standalone program which is very fast. Seems to be missing most of the security issues of the others; does not support Java, though.