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Author/Date sending from different accounts
19/03/2004 10:57am
I use InScribe Vers. 1.87 Test 8 and I have three pop3 accounts configured. Default sent account ist account 1.
Now I want to send a mail, but from account 2, so I compose a mail and chose from the "From" tab account 2 (btw, could you make the from tab always open? would be a bit more comfortable *g*). But it still tries to send with the default sent account.
Have I missed an option or why does it always try to sent with the default account?

21/03/2004 5:18am
The default send account is NOT the same as the sending identity. Your getting the 2 confused.

  • The default send account: Is purely using to select an SMTP server to pass mail to.
  • The identity menu or "from" mail field: Is to select what the recipient will see in the from address.

These are 2 different and independant functions.
22/03/2004 11:28am
ok, but how can I easily switch the sending server? because I don't always want to go to the options menu and change it there?
I need it because some server don't allow you to use any name which the recipient will see..
Sean Johnson
23/03/2004 4:38pm
i also have this need at work. i am constantly having to go into the setting for the account and change the smtp server. I hope an easier way can be found too.