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18/03/2004 8:07pm
I tried connecting and I got the following in the log:

HTTP/1.1 302 Moved Temporarily
Server: PIX Firewall HTTP/1.1
Connection: close

I went to preview, it listed nothing when there really were emails.
What am I doing wrong?
18/03/2004 8:13pm
It doesn't work with any old http address, you have to point it at a specific script that I can give you. It's mostly there for my own benifit at this stage.

There is no standard to access web mail from an application.

Because there is no api, I invented one and implemented it. It works alright but there is no security yet. Hence I don't bundle the script with the program.
18/03/2004 8:17pm
How could I obtain that script from you?
18/03/2004 8:47pm
I am requesting something:
After you resolve the security issue, Would you be able to bundle the script with the program?
Then everyone could connect to "http address" like hotmail.

19/03/2004 6:56pm
please include something that would allow hotmail access. thank you.
21/03/2004 5:15am
To access Hotmail using a standard POP client (like Scribe) you will need a peice of 3rd party "glue" software like HotPop or similar. I will never support it directly in Scribe, a) because I dislike Microsoft and b) Scribe is a lightweight client, not cluttered with extra features that I don't feel that people need.

Bob: Do you retreive your email from a webserver that you can upload PHP scripts to?
21/03/2004 5:42pm
My current webserver is
I am willing to change my webserver so that I can connect through "http address".
If you recommend a webserver(email-server), I will consider it.