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Author/Date 100% cpu usage bug
18/03/2004 10:31am
Just wanted to let you know that I'm still getting this bug. I'm using test7.
18/03/2004 6:18pm
I saw this too a few days ago and the code had blocked inside the windows socket call 'recv'. Why it's using 100% cpu is anyones guess because normally this call used very little CPU while blocked.

So at this stage I'm not even sure it's my code causing the problem.

To test whether this is the case for you, click the "close connection" when you get the 100% cpu use bug and if it drops the connection and cpu usage returns to normal it's probably the same thing I'm seeing.

In which case I'll have to implement timeouts on the sockets to drop connection after 60 seconds or inactivity or what not.
16/04/2004 10:41pm
The 100% usage problem recurs here but so intermittently that I can't yet detect a pattern. Fortunately XP's Task Manager kills Scribe and I'm back to normal, with Inscribe opening normally again. I'll try to remember to look around the next time it happens and see if I have IE, Trillian or something else running.
21/04/2004 2:04pm

Clicking "Close Connection" from the Status window has no effect; I have to exit Inscribe. Clicking on the dialog box's "Kill" next also seems to have no effect, since Task Manager still shows Scribe at nearly 100% usage. I kill Scribe and usage drops to its normal level.
Thanks for your attention to this. I hope this can be worked out.