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Author/Date Couldn't find the GPG program... then uses it!
17/03/2004 8:38pm
Hi, I've just started using i.Scribe and I'm thrilled to have found it. It's great!

One of the things that really appeals to me is the integration with GPG. However, although it's working - I can encrypt and decrypt and sign - each time I use GPG functionality I get the message "Couldn't find the GPG program." After I click OK, i.Scribe uses GPG just fine! It's just annoying to see that message each time.

Also, I understand that i.Scribe "finds" GPG via the registry keys. If I want to use i.Scribe off of a USB key device, moving from one machine to another, does that mean the integration will never work? It would be great to be able to just tell i.Scribe where GPG is (via relative path) and have it store that information and not need to check the registry.

Thanks for your good work!
31/03/2004 4:49am
The plugin automatically looks in ../GnuPG relitive to the Scribe directory, which works well with "mobile" installs. No registry key required.

I don't know about the error message though... I can't work out why that happens and it still works. Weird.