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16/03/2004 5:28pm
What is "popoverhttp" (in the mail box type sub-menu)?
16/03/2004 6:37pm
It's a protocol for getting mail sent over http. You have to put a PHP script on the same machine as the POP server and then you connect to the script instead of the POP server. It's for when your stuck behind a HTTP proxy with no direct socket access.
17/03/2004 3:25am
23/03/2004 2:07am
Where could I get the PHP script to put on the pop server?
23/03/2004 6:14pm
Bob: here.

Ps: I think I've changed a few things in how it works since test8, so it won't work with that. You'll have to wait for test9 to use the script.
24/03/2004 5:16pm
Thank You for the PHP script!
How secure is this script?
24/03/2004 6:24pm
It's not secure at all at this stage. Anyone you read the mail with a webbrowser... so your really relying on "security through obscurity" because you don't tell anyone what the URL is.

I did warn you though... :{

I'm planning some better security in the future, just havn't got around to it in light of some more pressing bugs in Scribe that need fixing ASAP.
28/03/2004 8:39pm
In "Test9," How do I configur Scribe to use this PHP script?
Would this script, when uploaded to a different server, be able to access the POP server?
28/03/2004 8:51pm
- Open account settings
- Set protocol to "PopOverHttp"
- Put the URL of the script in the server field:

- The username and password fields are not used but set them anyway to stop Scribe asking about them.
- Edit the script to contain your username, password and server details. The fields are at the top, it's easy to work out what to do.
- Upload script to any PHP enabled site.

If the POP server is on the same machine as the script use "localhost" for the server, otherwise "" or whatever, works as well.

28/03/2004 9:27pm
ThankYou for the configuration info!
Would this script work with any web-based email account? or Is it only for POP3 email accounts?
28/03/2004 9:36pm
No the script will ONLY work with POP accounts, hence the name "PopOverHttp", it basically just converts the POP protocol to HTTP requests and Scribe sorts it all out on the client side.

28/03/2004 10:47pm
the PHP script does not download!
After downloading, when I opened it in notepad, it says:

Error: -ERR Username/Password Mismatch
Error: POP3 Login Failed.

I guess if you zip it up, it will download instead of running.
28/03/2004 10:58pm
I realised that as I was posting the last comment, but I was off to lunch then so I didn't do something about it straight away.

28/03/2004 11:18pm
ThankYou: now it downloads.
I looked at the script.
It does not have a field for the SMTP server name.
28/03/2004 11:30pm
It doesn't do SMTP, just POP. Remember the name?
06/04/2004 4:49pm
I tried connecting from "Test9" to the php script that is in a directory that is not password-protected, and I got the following Log Entry:

HTTP/1.1 302 Found
Date: Tue, 06 Apr 2004 20:36:33 GMT
Server: Apache/1.3.28 (Unix) mod_gzip/
Location: ("*")/404.phtml
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
X-Cache: MISS from ("the server")
Connection: close

The connection was not successfull!
What am I doing wrong?
Was any-one able to connect successfully?
06/04/2004 6:35pm
Try the URL in the browser first.

Then put that exact URL into Scribe's "server" field.
09/04/2004 1:19am
Please test this feature in your account,
And if it works,
Please drop me a note!
12/04/2004 8:05pm
Test in my account?

I run this all the time. And it still works. I'm not sure I get your drift...