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Author/Date reporting an error
16/01/2004 3:32pm
Just found iScribe a couple days ago. Great program, matthew.
I'm using the latest stable release on Win98.

I've begun getting the following error upon receiving/sending new mail:

Storage2 Error

Storage failed to write the object to disk:

OS error code: 5 (0x5)

You should restart the application and then report this problem.
Ignore all furthur such errors for this session?

Yesterday I started getting the 'there appears to be a broken node...etc' error.

Think I'll reinstall.
18/01/2004 5:33pm
Scribe is just reporting what the windows error when it tries to write to the folders.mail2 file. I don't know why windows 98 does this but it was one of the reasons why I upgraded to 2k. I at the time cleared the trash, compacted the folders and the error would go away for a while. Then it'd come back.

I don't know what to do about it. It seems like something in the OS is buggy. Because Scribe works very nicely on Windows 2000 and never gets that error. :(