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15/01/2004 8:05am
Is it possible, or would it be possible to implement a keyboard shortcut that restores Scribe from being minimized? (I know this would not be a standard shortcut, but if it is user definable it would not be that bad, or?)
Thank you for the great work you are doing!
Best regards
17/01/2004 4:45am
Hi Erik,

I think I know the answer to your question. You make a shortcut from Scribe.exe and put that on your desktop or in your menu. Right-click that shortcut and choose properties. Under the tab 'shortcut' you can choose a combination of keys starting with Ctrl-Alt- and a symbol from your keyboard, for instance an 's'. When Scribe is minimized to tray, you can then hit Ctrl-Alt-S and Scribe will be maximized. This works under every version of Window$.
19/01/2004 6:16am
Thanks! Just what I wanted.