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15/01/2004 3:38am
where can i download the "inscribe" version of scribe. wanna see if the account configuration is like i need it (f.e. ssl for incoming and NO ssl for outgoing and stuff like this).

15/01/2004 4:10am
The inscribe download won't do you any good until you have a key.

Anyway, currently the account settings don't allow you to configure SSL on only one side of the account (ie send only) but with InScribe you'd just configure multiple accounts, for the send and receive side and then it doesn't matter.
15/01/2004 5:04am
ah, i understand. tricky, isn't it. why not enable a ssl configuration for each (incoming AND outgoing)? so i have no chance to work with i.scribe (and test it in that way) because i need to configure two accounts (one for incoming and one for outgoing). but i.scribe just let me change the configuration of the implemented account :-( really sad about that, because i.scribe is giving a good impression!

anyway, thank's for your response!