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Author/Date Temp files for attachments are not deleted
05/01/2004 5:22pm

When I open an email with attachments and try to access them in some way (saving them, opening them, dragging them or just showing the email if they are graphics inside it), they are stored in
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Local Settings\Temp
but they are never deleted from there.
Could them be removed when closing the email having them or closing InScribe?
05/01/2004 6:48pm
Yes they could be, but I'm a little wary of doing that. The user may still have that file open in an external editor, or go looking for it in a recently user menu. Generally I expect machines to clear the entire temp directory on a semi regular schedule, thus clearing out any files Scribe has put there.

Time for an option methinks.
06/01/2004 4:41am
Well, it could be "a la" winzip: it tries to delete the temp files anyway, however if they are open in another app Windows will refuse to delete them, so they will be kept in temp folder. Just a suggestion :)