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05/01/2004 5:02am
I use scribe 1.87 test 1 on WinXP.
I "rebuild bayesian word list" and than "analyze selected mail" over a spam mail (in the spam folder) the result is 0 instead of 1...why? With scribe 1.86 the result was correctly 1...
Happy 2004!
05/01/2004 6:45pm
Do you *.wdb files still have meaningful data in them? (There are in your Scribe directory, just open in a text editor)

You must keep your spam in the spam folder, otherwise the word db build will forget which words are spammy. If you empty the spam folder and rebuild the db then your back to square one with no spam words.
06/01/2004 5:22am
Ok I found the problem: I delete (and than rewrite) the "scribe.r" and now all work fine.
Thank you another time for your attenction.