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Author/Date incorrect char decoding
23/12/2003 2:53pm
I got an email which displays like this:

"Finalment ja ho he fet i s? a Fran? des de fa un parell de setmanes"

See the "?" symbols? Well, I wanted to know what they were, so I selected "View source". I saw the HTML encoding of the end of the page, but not that line of text. Never mind. I deselected "View source" and magic! Now the email shows correctly!

"Finalment ja ho he fet i sóc a França des de fa un parell de setmanes"

So, if I open the message by double-clicking on it, it is not correctly displayed. However if I view source and get back to message again, it looks ok.

Fortunately I still had it on my POP3 server so I could see how is it built: it's multipart, and the html part seems to be the one being shown in InScribe. Headers for this specific part are:

Content-Type: text/html
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

Something interesting: those special characters are MIME encoded, they are not html entities:

<P>Finalment ja ho he fet i s=F3c a Fran=E7a des de fa un parel=
l de setmanes.

Pretty weird huh? :)
23/12/2003 5:57pm
Have a look in the HTML for a meta tag up in the header. It should have the source charset.

Oh just copy the HTML to the clipboard and send it to me as a file. I'll make sure it renders correctly.
24/12/2003 2:30am
I could not see the whole html code :(
So I removed every message but that one from my folders.mail file, zipped it and sent it to you via email. Thank you very much!