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Author/Date Where Is The Source To Compile In Linux ?
17/12/2003 3:05am
Hello everyone, let me say this is a nice looking client,
but where is the source code to compile it in Linux ? Please don't compile my software for me, this is for the newbies,
hehe Linux it's the HANDS of the user, and this user wants to compile his own.
17/12/2003 3:48am
Read this and you understand why you can't find it.
18/12/2003 4:22am
Yes well I don't really need to read to understand the program
isn't opensrc, but what I don't understand is, there is a FREE version, and a Commerical version, what does free have to do with commerical, so why can't the free version have opensource on it, this to me makes no sense. If your commercial investors are holding you to not allowing the free version to have the freeware version available without the source code, then it's not really all that free, and it doesn't sound like the person
developing this is very free in his coding, sounds like some strings attached here, it's too bad a product like this will never gain much popularity in Linux.
18/12/2003 6:20am
I don't write programs to be popular. I write them to fulfill needs of users, including myself. I would also like to be compensated for the many hours of hard work that go into quality software. I'm a professional coder, and people by and large won't pay for something they can get for free. I know, because I don't.

Hence the source isn't open. My partners help me make money from the software, which is not unusual. It's usual business practice to have distributors of products in other countries. If I was making figurines, would you expect me to give them away for free? No of course not.

I hey I believe in open source as well. 80% of code is downloadable from this site, i.Mage, LGI etc are all open source. Let alone the programs I havn't released yet, which will all be open source. So don't think I don't care about open source... I do.

The free and commercial versions are the same code, a programmer could take the free version's source code and write the parts in the commercial version in about 2 days. The thing is that all of it together is not worthless, ie worth giving away for free. It has value, as you probably agree, since your here asking about it. The fact that there is a free version is to gain market share and promote the commercial version. If the market was different and people were prepared to pay for software more than they do then there would be NO freeware version. But that's reality, people don't pay for it, and there are dozens of freeware email clients that I have to compete with. So I strike a balence between all these conflicting requirements as best I can.
18/12/2003 7:58am
And you are doing great fret, I totaly agree with you.

I just hope enough people will keep buying the commercial version to keep your motivation high enough to continue writing such great soft.