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Author/Date "550 not local host" message
15/12/2003 11:26pm
I receive the following message when trying to send with i.scribe v 1.86 test 44 Win32 Release on an XP Pro setup:

"550 not local host, not a gateway"

My recipient has a hotmail account I can send to successfully through my ISP's Webmail server. I put "smtp.[isp].net" in i.scribe as my "send" address and have never used ESMTP. I can receive mail successfully.

Thanks for your assistance.
15/12/2003 11:31pm
The server believes you are not a local sender and is stopping you from "spamming" the hotmail user.

I would try your email's domain ( as the sending username. With and without ESMTP switched on.

Generally I think this is caused by a misconfiguration on the servers part.

16/12/2003 2:48am
Thanks for your help. To the "" address I had entered, I just checked "ESMTP Authenticate...", entered my user name and it was sent. I had thought maybe my firewall (Agnitum Outpost Pro) was creating a barrier, so I created a rule to have it trust i.scribe for an outgoing SMTP connection. Turns out your suggestion did the trick though.