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Author/Date Identities and servers
10/12/2003 4:42am
I finally have InScribe, and am trying having more than one account (identity).
The "Default send account" option in Accounts tab seems to have effect on every single account, not just the default one (the one defined in the Identity tab). Is this behaviour correct? I mean, if I can enter different smtp servers for every account, why only the default one is used?

It would be also nice if InScribe remembered the last identity I used. Example: InScribe is registered with my real name but I want my emails to be sent with "Pixador" as my name, so I created an account with that name, but I must set it manually every time.

10/12/2003 6:00pm
a) The default send account JUST selects the SMTP server to user. Most of the time you only have one SMTP server for any given location, ie work -> smtp, home -> And all outgoing mail goes through that server, regardless of what "identity" your using.

b) The fact that the currently selected identity doesn't get remembered is just a bug in the current release. It's already fixed for the next release.
11/12/2003 5:26am
I see. However it would be good if each account would use the smtp server defined for itself.

In my specific case, my ISP only allows me to send mails when I am using the email address they gave me, but they refuse to send messages with a different "From:", even when I am connected to the Internet using their connection.
When I need to send emails with a different "From:" I have to use the smtp server we have at work, which is slower and I should not be using actually O:)

That's basically the only thing which prevents me from switching to InScribe from my old Eudora 3 :D
11/12/2003 7:52am
For the moment you can send manually by openning the status panel, right click on the server and click send.

I'll see if I can work something in for the next version to let you send using the current identities SMTP server.