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Carlos Rocha
09/12/2003 9:02pm

I'm, for sure, one of the biggests fans of your work. Scribe is beautiful, small, inteligent, secure,... I just love it.

Before finding Scribe I was using Blat (a free command line e-mail sender) integrated in a software system for managing documents. Just for a reason: I hate everything that comes from Microsoft. I wish linux was where I thought, a few years ago, it would be by now. But it isn't :(

There are lots of free and good e-mail clients, but with Scribe you made a piece of code with a very good chance of making people forget Outlook Express. And, very important, even pay for it. In Windows world, of course. I don't think you expect to be paid (really paid...) by linux users.

My wish for Santa Claus in this christmas is a Windows version of Scribe with support for signing/encrypting messages and attachments with the standards used by Windows community, as stable as it already is...

For 2004 christmas I ask for a Linux version (I didn't lose the faith).

Have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year


PS: I would very much like to see some replies from other Scribe users... :-)
11/12/2003 12:38pm
Hello Carlos,

here's your first reaction! I agree with you about the pro's of Scribe. It is amazing that a few hundreds of kB's can produce such an elegant client...
I had a memorable moment a few days ago: my father, who had been a proud user of Eudora until then, told me that his pc was infected (hey, doesn't that happen to all of 'us', sooner or later?). What is the web-address of your client? he asked me. Which I gladly gave him. So, Matthew, you have a new user of i.Scribe - I will try to talk him into buying InScribe ;-)
The only thing I dare to ask for, is continuation. Scribe is GREAT as it is!
26/12/2003 8:07am
Enjoying using Scribe as an international traveller - it fits nicely on my data key!

There are plugins which will handle encryption and using better technology than Outlook Express - get that working for keyrings and you'll get my vote!

Once XP is spread around internet cafe's worldwide you could have a traveller product in packaging data keys with iScribe preinstalled - more storage than Hotmail, and better Spam management!

Keep up the good work.

Happy New Year!