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04/12/2003 10:41pm

Hello everyone.

I have been experimenting with Scribe and would like
to be able to modify the textual version of the ini file
from an external application which setups up the users pop account/password and also inits the POP and SMTP server address.

Scribe is then invoked with the /o options and the
new ini file.

Question #1:

When Scribe is invoked with the /o options it reads
the ini file correctly but always starts the application
with the Compose window open ready to create a new e-mail. Is there a way to have Scribe simply run and open in the default folder and message list view.

Question #2:

Does any one know the algorigthm for encoding the pop password? I would like to have the external application encode the password and record it in the ini file.

Thanks for you help.


04/12/2003 10:53pm
1) Don't leave a space between the -o option and it's argument. So like this:
Scribe.exe -o"d:\folder\options.ini"

2) I know the algorithm, but I'm not publishing it. It would compromise the security of other's options file. It's not that secure anyway it's more obfusicated then encrypted.
06/12/2003 12:39am

Thanks for your reply. Here is a simple suggestion
that shouldn't be difficult to implement.

In the popup dialog that shows up prompting the
user for his pop password it would be nice if
a checkbox were present that would allow the user
to record the password. This way if his password
changes on the server he can simply enter the new
password and record it with out having to navigate
through the options menu and into accounts to set
the new password.

Thanks for your help.