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Christoph Berger
01/12/2003 8:14am
the next problem is the automatic checking.
i want, that the programm chekcs every 2 minutes the pop server for new mails. in "accounts" i can see, that i.scribe is counting down. but when it is reaching 0 it donesn check the server it begin to count with 2 minutes.
if i use this option NO mail is reaching me. not manual not automatical.


01/12/2003 6:09pm
So let me get this straight.

When you have automatic checked of email every "n" minutes no email is retreived, either in manual mode (clicking the toolbar to receive) or automatic mode (waiting for it to timeout and receive).

But when automatic checking is off (blank timeout in options) then manual receive works?

When in auto mode, and the timeout expires, what (if anything) appears in the status panel's log window for that account?
Christoph Berger
02/12/2003 1:53am
well, i tryed to receive emails manual during the automatical receiving. it works ;-)

but the problem with the automatical receiving still exists. the log file during the timeout is empty. all two minutes long. after 2 minutes counting down it begins again with 2 minutes. nothing happens. ;-[
please help me. your program is really great. u have my respect.

best regards