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Author/Date problems with dictionary & automatic checking
Christoph Berger
01/12/2003 8:10am
i want to import the german dictionary. the english one works. but when i import the german files into the right aspell index and i choose german in i.scribe i always get a runtime error "abnormal program termination" when i try to check the words. i use i.scribe 1.86 test44

thank you a while ago.

c. berger
01/12/2003 4:51pm
Ok I'll have a look at that.
01/12/2003 6:06pm
I've tried on Linux and it worked fine. I'll check Windows tonight.

Maybe you could email the peice of text your checking to me so that I can run it on my machine.

Also which dictionary are you using? (de, de_CH, de_DE etc)
Christoph Berger
02/12/2003 1:41am
good morning!

i used de_DE, de, de_CH