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Author/Date the new sitemap look
25/04/2002 4:32pm
I am using Opera 6, but it's also a fact on IE 5 that the links in the sitemap are strangely (badly?) sized.
One thing is: different sizes (looks like autosize) and also too small (not like those on the test page reffered to from news).
Second: Opera doesn't highlight the links on mouseover.
25/04/2002 6:29pm
I am also using Opera 6 (great browser) and never encountered any problems while viewing Opening the homepage in IE6 was kinda strange. Normally it are the 'alternative' browsers that have problems displaying whatever what.
25/04/2002 7:45pm
I've been fiddling with it (as you can see) and well ultimately I havn't been able to find a way to get it to look good on all the major browsers.

So I've used the 'test' from the news for mozilla and the 'live' menu for IE, and plain text for dumb 'ol opera. Cause it can't get anything right.

But if you notice anything going really wrong let me know.
09/05/2002 7:15pm
Hmmm. Seems the navigation bar doesn't work at all in Konqueror. That can't be good.
09/05/2002 8:48pm
I'll check it next time I'm in Mandrake.