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Author/Date Installed Spell Checker -- Doesn't work
26/11/2003 1:46pm
I d/l'd the spell checker and it's latest lib.
I tried installing in a folder of it's own and
it didn't work or show up on the tool bar.

Then I installed it inside of Scribe's folder in
it's own folder (K:\email folder\Aspell\) and that
still didn't work.

So what am I doing wrong?
Carlos Rocha
26/11/2003 5:14pm
Did u install the plugin:

Just unzip the files to your scribe dir
26/11/2003 5:36pm
Then after you've unzipped the file into Scribe's directory go into File -> Plugins and "Add" the plugin. Double clicking the plugin in the list lets you configure the language.
27/11/2003 6:51pm
I think I'm suffering from the "ID-TEN-T ERROR"!
Also know as "IDIOT ERROR" !! :-)
I reinstalled Aspell inside the email folder.
I d/l'd the dll you showed me and extracted that
into the email folder.
I opened scribe/plugins and added the plugin and
it shows it's loaded.
I highlighted and click 'configure' and it says
there's nothing to configure.
Opened a new message and I've got nothing there
for the spell checker.
I closed out and rebooted... still nothing.
This proves I'm an idiot! and I can't walk and chew
gum at the same time!
27/11/2003 7:03pm
Yeah I think where your going wrong is when you add the plugin you get to choose between "Aspell Text Pipe" and "Aspell Spell Checker" and you should choose "Aspell Text Pipe" at that point.

I know it's a bit weird but it's only while I have to support 2 different API's in Scribe. Eventually this will go away and there won't be an option at this point.

You'll have to remove the plugin and re-add it.

PS it's not your fault, there should be documentation on whick type to use.
27/11/2003 7:09pm
That was it!