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Carlos Rocha
21/11/2003 8:30pm
Hi again

It's not the first this happens with Test44: selecting all to delete and just 1 or 2 to download (in Preview), the downloaded messages are saved with 0 bytes and no subject or sender, and some garbage in the header. This time was a message from CNET Downloads mailing list (HTML with links to external files, I think).
If you need more information just let me know. I'll try to colect it next time this happens.

Carlos Rocha
21/11/2003 8:40pm
I just realized that the TEMP path (E:\TEMP) was inacessible by some kind of error in my SCSI controler. Do you think this can be the reason?
21/11/2003 9:44pm
Yup. The temp path is used to save the email by the download thread, then it posts a message across to the main GUI thread to load the file into the inbox. So if your temp directory was busted then the file wouldn't have any valid data and you'd get 0 sized messages.
17/02/2004 7:51am
hi! I seem to be getting the same problem, whenever I try to download my email I receive only blank messages (blank body, sender, subject), what can I do to fix this?