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Author/Date Password visible?
19/11/2003 8:23pm
I've just started using i.Scribe (v1.86 test44) and like it a lot. But I've noticed that when I receive mail my password is displayed in plain sight in the Log window. This makes me a little uneasy - is it really supposed to be displayed this openly?

Also, I have read in this forum that full IMAP support is about to be included Scribe. However, the fetch-only feature (using IMAP just like POP) was exactly what attracted me to this client, so I hope there will still be an option to continue using it like this?
19/11/2003 8:59pm
The password must just be visible when using IMAP, the POP code hides it in the log. I'll fix that.

Also the IMAP(fetch) support will remain unchanged from the previous versions. All that will change is that you'll be able to select IMAP(full) as well in the receive account protocol list. They use the same code, just in different ways.
20/11/2003 7:19am
Just one more question. I'm thinking about upgrading to get multiple accounts access, but I've noticed that there is only room for one identity. Does this mean that even with multiple accounts I can only use one "from" address?
20/11/2003 4:28pm
Each account gets it's own identity in InScribe.