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Author/Date can't cut & paste HTML code from an email body
19/11/2003 4:27pm
I emailed myself an HTML snippet of a form in a message to my work account. I can highlight the text but, CTRL-C or right-click & copy doesn't grab it to the clipboard for pasting into notepad. I just get a blank space instead when I hit SHIFT-INSERT.

I can right click & view source to get it...but I have to cut out the added junk.

19/11/2003 4:36pm
ooops, there is a problem copying from the view source of the email too, CTRL-A convenience would sure be great! Right-click & copy source works when viewing the HTML of the message, but I have to clean up the code.

aha! view source in default browser works, now I can just left click & drag to copy & paste =b

Anyway, just a few minor annoyances. I knew I should have just attached a textfile with the code instead of pasting it into the body of a message to begin with hah!

19/11/2003 5:52pm
Your right, there appears to be a bug in the copy command of the HTML control. For small selections of text it seems to work, but when the selection crosses a lot of tag boundries it gets lost.

I'll look into it.
20/11/2003 12:36pm
Cool, thanx Matt!