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Author/Date enhanced preview mail on server?
19/11/2003 2:53pm
Hello Matt, in the preview mail on server the checkbox thing can be monotonous at times if I see there is tons of spam. The standard left click & drag, CTRL & click or SHIFT & drag highlighting functions would be great, as would a PURGE POP BOX button with an Are you sure? prompt.

Oh oh! what about bayesian filtering & auto-highlighting evil spam messages for deletion in the preview mail on server? Also you could have an option to automatically go to preview on server if over X number of messages are waiting, meaning it is likely to be a horde of spam.

19/11/2003 5:49pm
You CAN click a drag to select multiple items in the list view. You can also hold down CTRL to select non-sequential items. And then click download/delete and all the selected items will change their checkbox.

Select all is just Ctrl+A, so "purge" is just a shortcut for "Ctrl+A, Click Delete, Click Ok" right? Is it worth a shortcut? I don't think so.

The bayesian filtering needs the body of the message to work, and the preview window doesn't have access to the body of the message. So it can't function until the mail is downloaded. Which defeats the purpose of the preview window.
20/11/2003 12:56pm
Ok, I used an ancient terminal and a version of scribe which is just as old heh. I often used scribe to clear HUGE attachments from POP boxes when we had some inept sysadmin who wouldn't give anyone shell to do it. He was an idiot and didn't set message limits on the SMTP, I hate office politics tsk! Anyway, we had subscribers who didn't know any better sending 10-80MB tiff images when they got that new scanner for xmas!

Anyway, too bad you can't have scribe run bayesian on the subjects on the server first, could catch those dozens of penis pill peddlers right there and then hah!